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Having worked with many Fortune 500 business in the US, Susan Houlihan, a Tipperary-born woman who has actually resided in the Bay Area, California for the past 16 years, is now aiming to do the same with blue-chip companies in Dublin.

Houlihan is an interactions expert and executive coach, and previously an electrical engineer working for Cisco. She is primary running policeman with the Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute, an organization intent on establishing a subsidiary in Ireland.

The institute, which was established in 1995 and is associated with the University of California, provides training to company executives. Its customer list checks out like a who’s who of top business with Adobe, Avis, Facebook, Novartis, Pixar, Qualcomm and Salesforce among them.

We developed a base in Thailand two years ago and now have a coaching institute operating there, so the next location on our agenda is Europe. There are a couple of reasons why we’re thinking about Dublin in certain, one of which is simply business-related, the other, personal, she said.


Clearly, Dublin is the European base for a great deal of international companies, a lot of which we’ve currently dealt with therefore we feel we can use our existing relationships with companies to get company here. In addition, both my coworker Siobhan McCann, who is based in Montreal and I, have actually been promoting Ireland over other places because we’d love to be able to spend a part of the year working back there, Houlihan stated.

I was over in September to gauge the cravings for the type of work we do and the feedback was extremely favorable. Ireland is certainly coming out of economic downturn so training is back on the program for many companies.

In addition to talking with clients, I likewise consulted with a number of universities about establishing a similar relationship to the one we have with the University of California and that is likewise something that might potentially happen, she said.

While having the ability to invest a couple of months of the year back in Ireland appeals, Houlihan doesn’t see herself returning for good. Having resided in California for so long, it’s quite home. With an excellent contingent of Irish pals close by, it likewise indicates she doesn’t feel too far from Ireland.

I operated in Ireland for 4 years after finishing college, however followed five friends from my course over to Silicon Valley for exactly what I thought would be 12 months. All these years later and four of those five pals are still here and I’ve lots of other Irish-born good friends close-by as well, she said.

Having studied engineering at University College Cork, Houlihan worked initially for Analog Devices in Limerick before getting a task with Cypress Semiconductor when she relocated to the United States. She then ended up at Cisco for more than 10 years in a variety of roles before deciding to re-train as an executive coach.

I loved my time at Cisco and got to do loads of travel however, while I took pleasure in the work, I felt there was something missing out on so I chose to return to college and do an MBA at Berkeley. As part of that I took a class in leadership interactions which really got me thinking that I wished to do a lot more on developing individuals, she stated.

I began shifting over to this gradually, doing an executive training certification and then some consulting on the side in around 2012. Initially I believed I’d do this in tandem with my day task however, by 2012, I was investing pretty much most of my weekends and trips running workshops around leadership development.

By this time, I was also lecturing on the subject at the University of California and believed that, with this as a base, I might take a danger and try and become a specialist. I have actually been working in this space ever since, Houlihan said.

Now working with the institute for near 3 years, Houlihan stated her primary locations of focus consist of integrating company culture, technique, interactions, organizational design and employee development programs.

Soft abilities have actually become significantly vital in the last few years at executive level. There’s less cynicism now about it than there might have as soon as been and because we’re affiliated with the University of California and have worked with many widely known business we have a great deal of reliability, she said.

The kind of problems we normally handle would include companies wanting to make a cultural shift internally, so we will often work with them to help them spend adequate time together, to connect about what the values of the organization are and how they might collaborate more fruitfully in the future. This type of training has long been popular here and were really hopeful it would remain in Ireland as well, Houlihan said.

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